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“Learn it, Live it, & Lead Others To It.”

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”…to prepare God’s people for works of service…” (Ephesians 4:12)

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12-Month Financial Freedom God's Way Online Academy & Certified Financial Coach Program. . Our Premier, All-Inclusive Ministry Gift To You.

You as an individual or as part of a 6-10 person virtual group receive all the teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching you need to learn, apply, AND pass on (Certified Financial Coach) what the Bible has to say about managing the material areas of your life. Requires personal discipline and accountability. Four Phases each approximately 3 months. NEXT START DATE: January, 2024!

Academy Phase 1 & 2 ONLY.

Seminar & Workshop

You may choose to be part of  Academy Phases 1 and 2 and not continue with Academy Phases 3 and 4.  Same great material, without the personal applications and Certification.

Dave Ramsey Financial Coaching

individual Financial coaching

Receive prayerful, Bible-based, highly effective, and very productive financial coaching tailored to help meet your specific financial situation.

John Maxwell Training

Master Mind Groups

Sharpen your ministry, professional, and personal success skills as part of a virtual small group, using John Maxwell materials, and facilitated by a certified member of the John Maxwell Team.

In-Home Services for Senior Citizens

In-person and Personalized

Older adults receive Bible-based help to take on basic financial & personal organization challenges needed to live a more stress-free life.

Complete, No-Cost, Customizable, In-Church Financial Ministry

all you need

Receive the tools needed (based on the teachings of Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett, and others) to offer a complete and independent Bible-based financial teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching ministry–nothing to buy or sell.

Professional Personal Income Tax Preparation


You are eligible for our Professional Personal Income Tax Preparation Services if you are currently receiving any of our Services or successfully completed any of our Seminars or Workshops.

Radio Programs, Money Minutes, and Blogs

on demand

Listen to & get transcripts of our Financial Freedom God’s Way Radio Programs. Listen to our radio “Money Minutes.” Receive access to our “Ask Bob” video blog.

Receive Undergraduate & Graduate credits for our Online Academy

university Credit Hours

Receive up to 15 hours of Aidan University credit hours for successfully completing our Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy.

Lake Chatuge Community Prayer Force

Grass-roots community that regularly prays for our local families, schools, government, businesses, churches, and 0organizations; our state and nation; and for the peace of Jerusalem.

2024 Mountain Home Music Live Concert Series


The best Gospel, Blue Grass, and Country Live Concerts this side of Nashville. No entrance fees. Community love offerings to support our free community services.

Personal Financial & Life E-Coaching

Busy schedule? Why not consider signing up for Financial Freedom God’s Way, “Personal Financial and Life E-Coaching.”

Debt Free Living

Get your copy of the new and complete Debt Free Living God’s Way

Seminars & Workshops
For Individuals and Small Groups

(Internet-based and/or “LIVE” from our Chatuge Ministry & Event Center in Hiawassee, GA)
(Please “click” on the titles below for more information.)

  • Your Finances in Perilous Times
    Seminar & Workshop

    Learn Bible-based financial and spiritual principles AND applications to live your material and financial life in ways pleasing to God. Nine virtual video teachings along with PowerPoints, transcripts, and handouts. Available Onj-Line Now.
  • Money Sense for Retirees

    Your move into and through your retirement years will not be as simple as it was for earlier generations. You can’t assume that because you worked hard in the past you will automatically be able to retire as you might have planned. Learn to guide your retirement decisions in ways that are pleasing to God and very practical. Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar and Workshop is a prerequisite. Coming in 2024.
  • How To Raise Money-Wise Children God’s Way Seminar & Workshop

    Discover, apply, & learn to pass on to the children in your life (ages 4-adult) in age-appropriate ways the two most important financial principles in all the Bible and MUCH more. Five-hour Live Seminar available now.
  • Money Sense For Single Parents

    Learn to apply Bible-based spiritual and financial principles in a way that is unique to you as an unmarried or divorced mom or dad. Virtual video teachings with PowerPoints, transcripts, and handouts. The “Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar & Workshop” is a prerequisite. Coming in 2024.
  • Widowhood: Before and After
    Seminar &

    The problems widows face are enormous. Two of the most common are the lack of knowledge about finances and the lack of good, unbiased counsel (all too often a supposed counselor is actually a salesperson in disguise). Here Widows will learn to manage the material areas of their lives in ways pleasing to God, PLUS learn how to evaluate the intent and quality of the legal, investment, and personal counsel they receive. Three-hour Live Seminar available Now!.
  • Money Sense for Engaged Couples Workshop

    This is a pre-marriage Workshop to help you and your soon-to-be-spouse prayerfully and financially prepare for one of the most significant experiences of your life–marriage. Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar & Workshop is a prerequisite. Coming in 2024.
  • Money Sense for Young Marrieds

    If you are about to become married or are newly married, this is where you as a couple learn to develop a lifetime approach to spending, saving, and investing. The “Your Finances in Perilous Time Seminar & Workshop is a prerequisite. Coming in 2024.
  • The Biblical Business

    What would happen if you made your business decisions by “The Book”? Whether you own and/or run a small business or are a manager or executive of a major corporation, you can learn to go to the Bible to discover Bible-based business principles and applications that will answer all your down-to-earth practical questions. Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar & Workshop is a prerequisite. Coming NEXT in SUMMER of 2024.
  • The Biblical Home Business

    All you need to know to start and operate a successful home business–God’s Way. Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar & Workshop is a prerequisite. Coming 2024.

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WIN Financially

If you are prayerfully and diligently searching for help to WIN financially, you need to remember two critical forces: the Person of Jesus Christ and the spiritual and financial principles He set into motion. The combined power of these two forces we call “Financial Freedom God’s Way.”

You need to know that according to the Bible, your financial past is not a prophecy of your financial future! You also need to know that your journey down the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way is a process that doesn’t start around you, it starts inside you. This process worked for me, it’s working for countless others…and it will work for you!

Circle today’s date on your calendar. Declare today as the day you prayerfully start or re-start managing your finances in ways that are pleasing to God using a highly accountable, no-quick-fix, proven system that will require prayer, work, and time on your part. You can do it! Plus, you can prayerfully put yourself in a position to allow the Lord to work through you to help others do the same! When it comes to Financial Freedom God’s Way you can prayerfully “learn it, live it, and help lead others to it!”




“You have been terrific and…blessed us so many times just by sending a card and letting [us] know [you] were praying…I thank God for you, and all who work there to help people get back on their feet—thank you all!”


“I’m pleased with the services I have received. My counselor has been wonderful and available, professional, out-front and honest in all dealings and transactions. I’ve recommended these services to friends….”


“I cannot say it is easy, but I can say, without Christian counseling we would not be in our home today. Thank you for helping us see what was wrong and what was needed to be done to our finances, with a budget.”


“Thank you for helping me complete the debt management program. You’ve been a blessing and served with a sensitive and giving heart. Know that God is truly using you and the staff to bless the lives of so many is ways that you can’t imagine. Bountiful blessings!”