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“Learn it, Live it, & Lead Others To It.”

If you are prayerfully and diligently searching for help to WIN financially, you need to remember two critical forces: the Person of Jesus Christ and the spiritual and financial principles He set into motion. The combined power of these two forces we call “The Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy.”

You need to know that according to the Bible, your financial past is not a prophecy of your financial future! You also need to know that your journey down the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way is a process that doesn’t start around you, it starts inside you.  This process worked for me, its working for countless others…and it will work for you!  

Circle today’s date on your calendar. Declare today as the day you prayerfully start or re-start managing your finances in ways that are pleasing to God using a highly accountable, no-quick-fix, proven system that will require prayer, work and time on your part.  You can do it!  Plus, you can prayerfully put yourself in a position to allow the Lord to work through you to help others do the same! When it comes to Financial Freedom God’s Way you can prayerfully “learn it, live it, and help lead others to it!”   

This page gives you a specific process to follow to see if your spiritual and financial needs, wants, and desires match what God has to offer you through HIS Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy.

Step 1a
Please watch this “WARNING!” Video

Please watch the 7 1/2 minute video to see that this Academy is NOT for everyone.

Thank you for watching the video.

  If you STILL believe the Lord may be leading you to be part of the Academy, please consider this Question:

When it comes to Financial Freedom God’s Way, what do you really want–what do you ultimately want?


  • Benefit #1: Visualize and personally experience Financial Freedom God’s Way.   How? You will receive highly accountable, Bible-based, individual and small group teaching, training, mentoring and coaching to help you discover spiritual and financial principles and practical applications that will prayerfully move you from where you are to where the Lord would have you to be–all at your own pace, 24/7, from any location.
  • Benefit #2: Learn to teach, train, mentor and coach others into Financial Freedom God’s Way.  Receive all the training and tools you need to pass along to others what the Lord gives you.
  • Benefit #3: Start a Full-Time or Part-Time ministry.  We will help you build and lead either an IRS approved, 501(c)(3) non-profit OR church-based financial ministry to teach, train, mentor and coach others into Financial Freedom God’s Way.
  • You may be asking, “Can I see the Biblical foundation for these three benefits?  Can I see a Seminar outline, look at an actual Seminar teaching page, and watch an actual Academy video teaching Session?”   The answer is “YES” to each question…simply CLICK HERE  and enjoy. (NOTE: You will be able to watch the video but you will not be able to access the other links and downloads.)

NOW, if God is speaking to your heart, if one or more of these “benefits” ring “positive” to your spirit, and/or if you like what you’ve seen so far, then prayerfully consider Steps 2-7 below:

Step 2: Recognize your spiritual and financial challenges
Step 3: Discover how to resolve your spiritual and financial challenges
Step 4: Prayerfully decide if this Academy right for you
Step 5: Understand your requirements?
Step 6: Follow the Application Process

Step 2
Recognize your spiritual and financial challenges


  • Do you or someone you know struggle with finances? Is your relationship with God stressed because every time you sit down to read the Bible or pray, all you can think about are money problems? Do you argue about money? Are you behind on mortgage, care or card payments? Do you pay one card with another? Are creditors calling? Are you considering consolidation loans, second jobs, second mortgages or bankruptcy?
  • Do you or someone you know have other financial “issues”? Perhaps your personal and/or business decisions have not always been God-honoring? Living pay check to pay check? No emergency, college, and/or retirement savings/investment programs? Not enough of the right kinds of insurance? Don’t tithe? Can’t give the way you would like? Donn’t have a will?


Step 3
Discover how to resolve your spiritual and financial challenges


Question: How will you solve your spiritual and financial challenges? Answer: By following the process Jesus gives you to “Learn It, Live It, Lead Others To It”.

  • A close look at how Jesus equipped His Disciples to go into all the world shows you that He trained them to not only Learn and Live what He was all about, but He also expected them to be actively involved in the process of prayerfully helping to lead others. Leading others was a means Jesus used to help His Disciples better “Learn It and Live It.”
  • It’s the same with you when it comes to the financial areas of your life. The best way to learn and live out spiritual and financial principles and applications is to help others do the same. That is why we are here to serve everyone, particularly those who agree to learn to serve others. You learn best as you learn to serve others.


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Make things right for you and your family AND OTHERS–spiritually, financially and emotionally–for good! How? You will receive…




  • Teaching: Bible-based spiritual and financial principles to help you understand the forces behind your spiritual and financial distress
  • Training: Learn how to use spiritual and financial tools to apply your teaching
  • Mentoring: Benefit and learn from the experiences of others as you apply the spiritual and financial tools to your unique situation–you do not need to “reinvent the wheel”!
  • Coaching: Think into the reality of your spiritual and financial situation in order to change that reality. Your Coach will help you draw out of you the spiritual and financial answers God has placed in you.
  • Certified JOHN MAXWELL Leadership, coaching and Team Building Training: Learn to help teach, train, mentor and coach others from the #1 Leadership Guru in the world!


  • According to the Bible, you live in a material world where you are continuously involved in a conflict between the spiritual forces of good and evil. In order to fight and “win” as part of this conflict, God makes available to you both spiritual tools and divinely inspired material tools.
  • For example, material tools, particularly financial tools, include some of the “things you do” such as budgeting, record keeping and time management, etc. Great tools, but they are not enough to “fight and win”.
  • Material tools can also include books, tapes and sermons as well as some or all of the great Bible-based financial small group and individual studies, seminars, and work shops that are available to you today.
  • These and other material tools are great but they alone are not enough. They alone don’t hold up given the spiritual nature of your financial conflicts. For example, according to the Bible, if you try to rely only on these material tools then you tend to fall into legalism–“touch not, taste not, handle not”, etc. True, you can benefit from material tools but so often you still tend to crash and burn financially or at best fall far short of Financial Freedom God’s Way. Why? Because material tools can give you a ton of Bible-based financial information but never get you to the point of Bible-based spiritual and financial lifestyle transformation. Am I right or am I right?


  • First, you must realize that material tools don’t add anything to what Jesus already did for you on the cross.
  • Second, you must prayerfully ask for, receive and put into action God’s divinely inspired and empowered ability to identify, understand, use and pass along both Bible-based material AND spiritual tools. My friend, one of the main reasons why so many well-intended Christians try yet fail to manage their money in ways that are pleasing to God is that they focus only on the material tools to the exclusion of the spiritual tools. According to the Bible, it takes both. The good news is that God makes both available to you through this Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy.


  • Problem: What can you do if you are in the middle of a tough financial situation right now–a situation you must deal with before you get to the Phase 3 Personal Financial and Life Coaching Program?
  • Solution: If you are an active member of the Academy Team you qualify to receive the help you need “now” to develop a specific plan to navigate through that specific financial crisis.
  • What To Do: Click the “Crisis Financial Coaching” link on the right-hand side bar.

Step 4
Is the Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy right for you?


  • Managing your finances really shouldn’t be a struggle.
  • The financial areas of your life should be freeing, not restricting. Your life will be a lot more enjoyable and rewarding when your financial decisions are pleasing to God. You can experience closer family relationships, a debt free lifestyle (including your home), savings for future needs and retirement, and a plan to pass on part of your wealth to family members and worthy ministries and organizations.


  • You will get the help you need to get out of debt, work to build and pass on wealth, and help others to do the same. For example, you can have a written financial plan and an emergency fund within 3-5 months. In 3-5 years you can be giving above the tithe and be debt free except for your home. In 7-10 years you can own your home and be saving and/or investing for college and/or retirement. And along the way you can learn to help others as well.
  • You will find us highly trained and accredited, reliable, trustworthy and responsive.
  • You will receive exceptional service and support.
  • If you are absolutely, positively ready to get out of debt, then work to build and pass on wealth–and help others do the same–you have come to the right place.
  • Since 1987 we have helped individuals, families, churches, and small businesses through teaching, training, mentoring and coaching as well as small group studies, workshops and seminars. We can help you! Is it time?


  • Whether you have, own or owe a little or a lot; whether you are single or married; whether you are a guy or a gal; or whether you are young or young-at-heart. The only things you must have are a good reason to be here and a heart that’s open to possibly learn to share with others what God teaches you.
  • Where ever you are in your spiritual and financial walk. Perhaps you are just starting out on the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way; have already moved in that direction but have also slipped, tripped and stumbled and fallen somewhere along the way; or if you are moving along that road just fine and want to make your journey even better, where ever you are, the Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy is for you.


  • This Academy is only offered on-line therefore is available to you 24-7. But, don’t let the “on-line” format fool you…you will be expected to work hard, work in a timely manner, and remain highly accountable.
  • Your Academy consists of four Phases. Each Phase will take approximately 90 days. These Phases are sequential—for example you must successfully complete Phase 1 in order to enter Phase 2, etc. Although you must take each Phase in sequence, it’s your choice whether or not to apply for the next Phase. You will see an outline of each Phase when you click through to the “Overview Page” on the right. You will also find a more detailed outline of the Phase 1 Seminar and the Phase 2 Workshop as part of the “Syllabus” also on the upper right.
  • The Academy combines the best Internet teaching and interacting technologies. For example, you will prayerfully learn, grow, and apply as you prayerfully work through videos, audios, Power Points, presentation transcripts, “bonus” handouts and real world case studies. You will be able to download everything for your own use or to share with others. Plus, you will have direct access to a professional Christian financial coach via blogs, emails, conference calls and the telephone.
  • Both the Phase 1 Seminar and the Phase 2 Workshop are approved for college credit and Continuing Education Credits through Logos University and Aidan University.

Step 5
What will be your requirements?

  • Time: The Phase 1 Seminar and the Phase 2 Workshop each contain seven Modules. A new Module opens up approximately every 10 days. Each Module contains 6-8 Sessions. We will prayerfully invest in you AND you must agree to prayerfully invest into what the Lord has for you as part of the Academy. History shows that you will need to invest from 30-90 minutes per Session
  • Effort: You will need to “work”–your Academy is not a passive activity. For example you will be part of a Prayer Team. You will also have scripture memory, blog, log and specific study responsibilities. You must complete this “work” on a timely basis or risk being asked to drop or restart the Academy.
  • Accountability:
    • You will have regular telephone/video conferencing check-up calls with your Academy Team Leader,
    • AND you will have scheduled telephone/video conference calls with your entire Team.
  • Financial: Yes, there is also a financial cost to the Academy.
    • The cost for you to be part of the Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy has already been paid for you by others as part of our unique “Pray It Forward-Donate It Forward” ministry support plan. You will have the opportunity/requirement to Donate It Forward (any amount the Lord and you decide) at the end of each Module in order to be eligible to enter into the following Module.
    • You will find the details of this “Pray It Forward-Donate It Forward” support plan by clicking the Pray/Donate It Forward link in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Step 6
Follow the application process

The Bible gives you account after account of people who become better, kinder, stronger, more effective, more powerful, and more successful than they were before, and it can be the same with you! As a matter of fact, the word for “Hebrew” literally means “one who crosses over”. Like Abraham, you are invited by God to “cross over” from wherever you are to where He would have you to be, spiritually and financially.
John M and bob mediumMore specifically, you are invited to “cross over” from wherever you are to become part of the Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy. As you “cross over”, you will discover that “Financial Freedom God’s Way” has little to do with birth, luck, or circumstances, but everything to do with choice, commitment to change, discipline, self-improvement and hard work. If you are looking for hope, if you want to move from spiritual and financial information into spiritual and financial lifestyle transformation, if you want to not just act differently but become a different person, if you want a fresh start, and most important, if you want to learn to be used by God to help others do the same–then welcome, you are at the right place. What God has in store for you is so much more than just a transfer of information, He is waiting to lead you into a transformed life!


  • What you must do is to PRAYERFULLY…
    • Consider the six steps above
    • Read the Syllabus (blue box upper right)
    • Read the Academy Overview Page (blue box upper right)
    • Read the Pray/Donate It Forward page (click from the red banner above)
    • Read the Personal Accountability Program page (blue box upper right)
    • Check the schedule for Academy start dates (blue box upper right)
    • Complete and electronically submit the Application/Survey (blue box upper right)
    • Have a 30-minute telephone/video conference call/interview with an Academy Team Leader to discuss your Application/Survey
  • Your Academy Leadership Team will then PRAYERFULLY…
    • Select Academy Team Members about 10 days prior to the scheduled Academy start date
    • Call or Skype each applicant to confirm whether or not that applicant has been prayerfully selected to be part of the Academy Team
    • Schedule an Academy Team conference call to confirm final team membership.question


Your Academy Team will be limited to fewer that 12 Team Members. We will prayerfully balance each Team between…

  • Men and women
  • Married and single
  • Young and young at heart
  • Those inside and outside the United States
  • Those who want to be part of only the Seminar and the Workshop (Phases 1 &2), those who eventually want to also be part of the Personal Financial and Life Coaching Program (Phase 3), and those who believe they are called by the Lord to become a Certified Christian Financial Leader/Coach.

My friend, if you believe the Lord is calling you to receive one or more of the “benefits” you discovered at the top of this page, you are in for a real treat. You are about to head out on a fabulous journey of discovery and transformation.

It won’t be easy. It will require time, hard work, and accountability. But, if you want to go where you’ve never been, you may need to get there in ways you may never have imagined. As you learn to be disciplined, organized and committed to prayerfully stick with your journey and you’ll find that your financial life will be better tomorrow than it is today and God will surely bless you and others through you along the way.



Rev. Bob Louder, MBA, PhD
Christian Financial Ministries


to Start the Academy in
February, 2018!

Remember, space on each Academy Team is limited! Please click on the blue APPLICATION/SURVEY BUTTON ON THE UPPER RIGHT OF THIS PAGE, then complete and electronically send in your Application.


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