“Immediate Help for Your Specific Financial Situation”


Your Situation:  You are in the middle of a tough financial situation right now.  

Question:  What are you to do?  

Answer: Get help now to develop a specific plan to navigate through that specific financial situation.


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Get the Answers You Need!

You can receive prayerful, Bible-based, highly effective, and very productive financial coaching tailored to help meet your specific financial situation. You will learn to apply Godly applications that will help you understand the forces behind your financial crisis, set realistic goals, and help to make the right choices to move you out of your financial crisis.




Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my Crisis Financial Coach?

For the immediate future Rev. Bob Louder, MBA, PhD, will serve as your Crisis Financial Coach. Rev. Louder has over 25 years of financial coaching experience having served as a Christian Financial Concepts (Larry Burkett) and Crown Financial Ministries teacher, trainer and coach. Rev Louder is also a Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach and a Certified John Maxwell Coach.

How long will it take to process my Crisis Financial Coaching Application and speak with Rev. Louder?

In most cases, Rev. Bob Louder will reply to your Application within two business days. At that point you and Bob will agree on whether or not you need to submit additional background paperwork and pre-coaching study assignments. Then you and Bob will mutually set the day and time to “meet” either by Skype or the telephone.

Will you recommend debt consolidation or bankruptcy?

NO. Debt consolidation is dangerous because you only treat the financial symptom and never deal with the spiritual problems. With Debt consolidation your less than Godly financial habits and your debt are still there.  You simply shift your debt from one place to another. Plus, you will likely end up paying off the same amount of debt which doesn’t really help you get out of debt faster. Most people take on more debt after consolidating or end up in bankruptcy because they didn’t change their behavior. Bankruptcy is one of the most life-altering, negative event you can ever go through. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which is total bankruptcy, stays on your credit report for 10 years. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is more like a repayment plan, stays on your credit report for seven years. Bankruptcy, however, is for life. Loan applications and many job applications ask if you have ever filed for bankruptcy. Avoid it if at all possible.

Is there a fee for Crisis Financial Coaching?

Yes. Your fee for Crisis Financial Coaching is $85 per hour. (Scholarships are available for Academy Team Members.  Scholarships may be available for non-Academy Team Members.)

Because we are a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry our fees are much less than you would expect to pay elsewhere–for example our fees are less than 1/2 of what you would normally expect to pay for certified Dave Ramsey coaching.  (Note: Normal Dave Ramsey coaching fees are $175 for the first session, $150 for returning sessions/free if short, $400 for three 1-hour sessions, and $1500 for 12 1-hour sessions.) 

(NOTE: If you are not satisfied for any reason with the Crisis Financial Coaching you receive, you can ask for and we will return to you 100% of any fee you invest.)

How do I pay for my Crisis Financial Coaching?

You may click the “Funded by Families Like Yours” link at the top of this page to make a secure PayPal payment (PayPal account, credit card, debit card). You may also send the ministry a personal check or a money order.

How can I afford Crisis Financial Coaching when I don’t have any extra money?

True, there is a fee. However, Crisis Financial Coaching may be a necessity for some and a luxury for others. You will have to decide where to draw that line. If Crisis Financial Coaching is necessary then you also have to compare it to: (1) the costs of bankruptcy, which can be $500-$2,000 in legal fees alone or (2) the cost of credit counseling which at $30-$50 per month for four years would cost around $2,000.

Our $85 per hour coaching fees are even more reasonable when you consider how much you may spend on monthly charges for your cable TV, lunches, cell phone and coffee! Our fees are extremely low because we are a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry. Plus you will end up with a plan to resolve your crisis and even help reduce the stress in your family or marriage.

(NOTE: If you are not satisfied for any reason with the Crisis Financial Coaching you receive, you can ask for and we will return to you 100% of any fee you invest.)

Will you set up a payment plan for my coaching fee?

No. We don’t want to become one of your creditors, so we do not divide the fee into payments. We ask for your payment in full up front paid through a secure Pay Pal transaction.

How long will my Crisis Financial Coaching session take?

Your coaching sessions with Bob will usually run for approximately one hour.  To get the most out of your times with Bob you will also need to spend some personal time to prepare and to follow-up. (NOTE: Most of the time you will receive the help you need to resolve your single Financial Crisis issue in one or possible two Coaching Sessions. However, if you need more help, more help is here for you.)

Is it possible for us to meet in person?

No. We keep our fees low by keeping our expenses low. Therefore we only offer our Coaching services using Skype or the telephone.


Crisis Financial Coaching Application Process

  1. Please complete and send the brief Application Form below.
  2. Rev. Louder will contact you within two business days by email and/or text to set up a time for you and he to Skype or phone.
  3. You may be asked to fill out additional forms as needed.


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