Our History

In the past, we were not particularly unique. We ministered with Larry Burkett/Crown, the Dave Ramsey group, and served as a Bible-based consumer credit counseling ministry.

  1. For-profit business
  2. Mission: To empower and give HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.
  3. Write and sell products (books, videos, etc.) to reach the masses
  4. Seminars and Workshops: Fee-based large group settings
  5. Coaching services: Fee-based
  6. Train others to coach: Fee-based.
  7. Paid staff
  8. Commercial offices
  9. Greatest Strength: Financial Practical Applications via 7 “Baby Steps”
  1. Nonprofit ministry
  2. Mission: Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.
  3. Write and sell products (books, videos, etc.) to reach the masses
  4. Seminars and Workshops: Fee-based small groups
  5. Coaching services: Free
  6. Train others to coach: Fee-Based
  7. Paid staff
  8. Commercial offices
  9. Greatest Strength: Spiritual approach to managing money via small group program
  1. Nonprofit ministry
  2. Spiritual Approach: More closely aligned with the old Larry Burkett model but focuses more narrowly on disciplining one to disciple another.
  3. Practical Approach: Our “7 Coaching Steps” tightly align with and expand on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps.
  4. Products and services almost totally Internet-based
  5. Seminars and the Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy is “free” (“Donate it forward”).
  6. Coaching services: Free (“Donate it Forward”).
  7. Train others to teach, train, mentor, and coach: Free (“Donate it Forward”) Internet-only
  8. Volunteer staff
  9. Ministry offices and staff: Sold our nice office building and released our staff in 2011 so Bob could focus on developing the Academy from a home office.  Two paid independent contractors—film editor and webmaster.  Bob has deferred the CFM Board housing allowance authorized for the past two years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future until adequate funds are available. Future volunteers and staff will work from home.
  10. Greatest Strength: The Lord continues to equip Bob Louder (past Certified Christian Financial Concepts/Crown Financial Ministries teacher, trainer, counselor, and coach) to stress the “spiritual” and (as a current Dave Ramsey Coach) to stress the “practical”.
  • Continue with Baby Steps 4-7
  • CFM Leadership Team Member
  • Continue to moderate Online Seminars and Workshops
  • Start to offer Personal Financial and Life Coaching to those who successfully completed Phases 1 and 2.

Our Mission

Our Mission is not to train the masses. Our mission is to help train you, so you can help train another, who will help train another. Ours is a disciple-making process with the goal not just to help people get out of debt, but to lead some so some can lead some to lead some more. Along the way in the discipleship training process disciples will become debt-free. The blessing of being debt-free is not something you hold in a tightly clenched fist. Like all of God’s blessings, becoming debt-free is a process that Jesus expects you to give back to Him so He can bless it, and multiply it even as much as a little boy’s lunch.

Now, along the way not everyone is going to want to learn to help lead others, at least not right away (more program approaches are simmering on the stove!). And that’s fine. But there will be a few—to start there are already a few. As of January 2015 God has brought a core group of Christian men and women from all over the United States and four foreign countries who say God is calling them to learn to train and disciple others to train and disciple.

At Last! Financial Freedom God’s Way is available for you!

Start Right Now To “Learn It, Live It, & Lead Others To It.”