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God brought Christian Financial Ministries (CFM) into being as a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry back in 1990. Today He is redirecting His work through us. Although He has not fully revealed to us all that He wants to do through us and how, He and you and CFM are on the way. Christian Financial Ministries is a work in progress. Below you will see what we see as of January 2016.


Glorify God as we prayerfully help people become financially free to better share the love of God through Jesus Christ.


Mission Statement

“…help prepare God’s people for works of service…” (Ephesians 4:12)  

The Bible says that some are “called to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers”…why…”to prepare God’s people for works of service”…why…”so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

Mission Methodology

God willing, we will accomplish our Mission by helping individuals successfully identify, correct, and overcome root spiritual, financial, and relational issues rather than just treating the symptoms.  We will use technology, the Internet, and leverage the spiritual gifts God gives His people.  Individuals will receive the highest quality, highly accountable, Bible-based and non-Bible-based financial and relational teaching, training, counseling, coaching and mentoring services and products that help individuals and families:

  1. Come to, or come back to personal and growing relationships with God through Jesus Christ;
  2. Strengthen their families; and
  3. Keep their finances out of bankruptcy, their homes and businesses out of foreclosure, and their marriages out of divorce all by learning how to dump debt then work to build and pass on wealth and do it all God’s way.


“Financial Freedom God’s Way–Learn It, Live It, Lead Others To It”


In the past we were not particularly unique.  We ministered with with Larry Burkett/Crown, the Dave Ramsey group, and served as a Bible-based consumer credit counseling ministry.

  1. Dave Ramsey
    1. For profit business
    2. Mission: To empower and give HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.
    3. Write and sell products (books, videos, etc.) to reach the masses
    4. Seminars and Workshops: Fee based large group settings
    5. Coaching services: Fee based
    6. Train others to coach:  Fee based.
    7. Paid staff
    8. Commercial offices
    9. Greatest Strength: Financial Practical Applications via 7 “Baby Steps”
  2. Larry Burkett/Crown Financial Ministries
    1. Nonprofit ministry
    2. Mission: Equipping people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.
    3. Write and sell products (books, videos, etc.) to reach the masses
    4. Seminars and Workshops: Fee based small groups
    5. Coaching services: Free
    6. Train others to coach: Fee Based
    7. Paid staff
    8. Commercial offices
    9. Greatest Strength: Spiritual approach to managing money via small group program
  3. CFM: God is transitioning us to be unique.
    1. Nonprofit ministry
    2. Spiritual Approach: More closely aligned with the old Larry Burkett model but focuses more narrowly on disciplining one to disciple another. .
    3. Practical Approach: Our “7 Coaching Steps” tightly align with and expand on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps
    4. Products and services totally Internet based
    5. Seminars and Workshops (Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy): Free (“Donate it forward”) Internet only
    6. Coaching services: Free (“Donate it Forward”) Internet only
    7. Train others to coach: Free (“Donate it Forward”) Internet only
    8. Volunteer staff
    9. Ministry offices and staff: Sold our nice office building and released our staff in 2011 so Bob could focus on developing the Academy from home office.  Two paid independent contractors—film editor and webmaster.  Bob has deferred the CFM Board housing allowance authorized for the past two years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future until adequate funds are available. Future volunteers and staff will work from home.
    10. Greatest Strength: The Lord continues to equip Bob Louder (past Certified Christian Financial Concepts/Crown Financial Ministries teacher, trainer, counselor and coach) to stress the “spiritual” and (as a current Dave Ramsey Coach) to stress the “practical”.


Step 1: Redemption

Jesus’ discipleship process for you started when He redeemed you—when He saved you—when you prayed and asked Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior.

Steps 2-5: Discipleship Training

But Jesus’ discipleship process for you didn’t stop there.

Let’s continue to look back in time just a bit.  For example, once Jesus redeemed or saved His disciples He started to teach and train those disciples.  Recall that Jesus started with 12 disciples.  He followed a simple five-step process: Jesus

  1. Redeemed them, 
  2. Taught them Kingdom principles, and 
  3. Demonstrated those principles.
  4. Then His disciples continued to practice Kingdom principles. They worked with Jesus to save others, then to help those “others” learn, understand, apply, and pass along those principles all under Jesus’ direct supervision
  5. His disciples then continued to practice Kingdom principles. They worked to help save others, then to help those “others” learn, understand, apply, and pass along those principles under the power and direct supervision of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was in the business of making and training disciples so those disciples could help make and train other disciples to help make and train other disciples.  Along the way each disciple learned to live by Kingdom principles, that’s true.  But their chief motivation was not to hold onto those Kingdom principles for themselves—it was to pass them along to others who would pass them along to others.  Jesus shows us that a disciple becomes more and more fully trained as he or she disciples others to disciple others.


It is clear God is calling CFM to follow this same basic discipleship process.  Generally speaking,

Academy Phase 1

  • 90-day intense “Your Finances in Perilous Times Online Seminar”
  • Individuals have an opportunity to come to or come back to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ at the very start of the Academy as they prayerfully consider “God’s Three Questions”
  • Individuals learn Bible-based spiritual and financial principles

Academy Phase 2

  • 90-day intense “Your Finances in Perilous Times Online Workshop”
  • Individuals learn more Bible-based spiritual and financial principles
  • Individuals learn Bible-based spiritual and financial applications.

Academy Phase 3

  • 90-day intense “Personal Financial and Life Coaching program”
  • Individuals receive one-on-one help to personalize and customize Bible-based spiritual and financial principles and applications.  
  • Content
    • Complete Pre-Coaching Steps
    • Complete Coaching Step #1—Basic Emergency Fund
    • Complete Coaching Step #2—Debt Snowball
    • Complete Coaching Step #3: Full Emergency fund plus
    • Start working on Step 1 of the Coach Certification Program

Academy Phase 4

  • 90-day intense Certified Christian Financial Coach Certification program
  • Individuals become prepared to prepare others to prepare others.
  • Content 
    • Continue with Baby Steps 4-7
    • CFM Leadership Team Member
    • Continue to moderate Online Seminars and Workshops
    • Start to offer Personal Financial and Life Coaching to those who successfully completed Phases 1 and 2.

Our Mission is not to train the masses. Our mission is to help train you, so you can help train another, who will help train another. Ours is a disciple making process with the goal not just to help people get out of debt, but to lead some so some can lead some to lead some more. Along the way in the discipleship training process disciples will become debt free. The blessing of being debt free is not something you hold in a tightly clinched fist. Like all of God’s blessings, becoming debt free is a process that Jesus expects you to give back to Him so He can bless it, and multiply it even as much as a little boy’s lunch.

Now, along the way not everyone is going to want to learn to help lead others, at least not right away (more program approaches are simmering on the stove!). And that’s fine. But there will be a few—to start there are already a few. As of January 2015 God has brought a core group of Christian men and women from all over the United States and four foreign countries who say God is calling them to learn to train and disciple others to train and disciple.


How did God support Jesus’ ministry?  Jesus prayed and led His disciples to pray. Jesus never charged a fee of anyone to be part of His five-step discipleship process.  Those He discipled prayed for each other and shared their material resources so others could also become part of Jesus’ discipleship process. CFM will follow this example–we will offer our services and products using a “Pray It Forward” and “Donate it Forward” model. 

  • We ask everyone who is part of any one of our three Financial Freedom God’s Way programs to commit to pray for those on their team, to pray for those who the Lord will bring into the program next, and to pray for the ministry.  
  • We will not charge fees for any of our ministry services and products, however we will regularly ask those who receive our services and products to prayerfully donate some of their material resources (time, talent, money, services, etc) to help make it possible for others to receive all the products and services the Lord knows they need. Financial donations can be of any amount.  A person is not required to donate to receive Ministry Services or Products.  All financial donations are fully tax-deductible.


Written processes and procedures yet-to-be mutually fully established

  • Who?
    • Prayerfully selected by Ministry from those who Successfully completed the Online Seminar and Workshop  
    • Are called to be part of Phase 3 (Personal Financial and Life Coaching) Note: Leadership Team Members are not required to be Coaches however all Coaches are required to be Leadership Team Members.
  • What?  
    • Moderate Online Seminar and Workshop 
    • Facilitate Prayer Team and Blog requirements  
    • Provide feedback to improve the Academy content and delivery
  • Why?  
    • Called by God
    • Required for those called to Coach 
    • Great review for you 
    • Help build coaching client base 
    • Low impact, low time required, behind-the-scene next step in the financial discipleship training process whether or not you are called to Coach
  • When?  
    • Timing of your choosing. 
    • Estimate 3-5 hours per week 
    • As part of Phase 3 Coaching Step #3—Full Emergency Fund
  • Where? From home
  •  How?
    • CFM to provide and maintain your own online Seminar and Workshop Internet URL.
    • Serve as volunteer
    • Build/promote moderation classes from CFM Internet site, local church and community as mutually agreed
    • Limit class size to 20-25 individuals
    • Facilitate one or more live Webinars with your Team and Bob
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual accountability, communication, coordination, and continuing education requirements as mutually agreed


Written processes and procedures yet-to-be mutually established

  • Who?
    • Prayerfully selected by Ministry from those called by God to help lead others into Financial Freedom God’s Way 
    • Successfully completed Academy Phases 1, 2, and 3
  • What?
    • Provide CFM Personal Financial and Life Coaching services 
    • Moderate Academy Phases 1 and 2 
    • Refer participants to Coach Certification program (Bob to lead)
  • Why? 
    • Called by God 
    • Higher but controllable impact and time required, “face-to-face” next step in the financial discipleship training process 
  • When? 
    • Develop your own schedule 
    • Follow-on to first and subsequent Phase 1 and 2 moderations
  • Where? 
    • Administration from home office 
    • Coaching from home (Skype) or in neutral, non-home locations 
  • How? 
    • CFM to provide training
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual accountability, communication, coordination, and continuing education requirements
    • Revenue generating and sharing possible under the authority of your local church or a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry
    • Build coaching base from own moderations, non-coach moderators, CFM Internet site, local church and community

Privacy Policy

At Christian Financial Ministries, we place the highest priority on protecting the integrity of all of your data, your transactions, you.

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