“Seminar and Workshop”

At a time when financial issues are at the heart of many personal problems including bankruptcies, foreclosures
and more than 90% of all divorces, it is vital that Christians seek the wisdom of God’s Word.

Biblical financial principles were applicable yesterday. They still apply today, and will continue to apply tomorrow.

“Your Finances in Perilous Times” On-Line video Seminar
Written and presented by Rev. Robert (Bob) Louder, MBA, PhD
President and Founder of Christian Financial Ministries
Capitalizing on his 30+ years’ experience working with Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett, Crown Financial Ministries, and
John Maxwell

Seminar Information

  • Your $195 ONLINE Seminar tuition has been fully paid by previous Academy participants through our “Donate It Forward Program” and individual and business donors.
  • Includes seminar video, audio, and printed material downloads plus scheduled Team and one-on-one telephone calls.

Seminar Highlights

  • Discover the “Three Questions” God asks of you.
  • Study the two most important financial principles in the Bible, six key financial Bible verses and seven critical spiritual financial tools.
  • Discuss course content and five, “real life” Case Studies on Team Conference calls.
  • Understand the impact of basic economic trends.
  • Identify and differentiate spiritual “problems” vs. financial “symptoms.
  • Form short-term & long-term financial goals.

Why Attend

  • Start your journey to dump debt, stop creditor calls, and money arguments, spend less than you make, start saving, work to build and pass on wealth, strengthen your marriage.
  • Gain financial freedom and learn how to help others do the same, and do it all God’s Way.
  • Pass along financial disciplines to your children.

Who Should Attend

  • This Seminar is for you if you truly want to acquire, apply and pass along Bible-based financial principles and applications and have a willingness to help others do the same.
  • This Seminar is for you if you are single or married, young or young at heart, and regardless of how much you own or owe.


  • Computer or mobile device
  • Three-four hours per week–your choice
    ONLINE Seminar is accessible 24/7

At Last! Financial Freedom God’s Way is available for you!

Start Right Now To “Learn It, Live It, & Lead Others To It.”