“The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth”

10-Week Virtual Mastermind Group

2021 Start Months: February, March, May, June & September
(Specific dates and times as mutually agreed)

Become The Person You Are Destined To Be!

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help you grow? Dr. John Maxwell says, “YES!”

As the most published author on Leadership in the world, John has turned his attention to the subject of personal growth.

For over 50 years, Reverend, Dr. John C. Maxwell has been passionate about personal development. Inside your Virtual Mastermind Group, you will soon discover that “potential” is one of the most powerful words in any language. Your personal potential implies possibilities, it heralds hope, and it unveils greatness. In “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” virtual Mastermind Group you will discover, learn and apply the core of what John as learned about developing yourself so that you will become the person you were created to be.

For Example

For Example, you will learn that to reach your potential you must grow, and to grow, you must be highly intentional about it.

The specifics of growth may be different from person to person, but the principles are the same for every person.

  • To discover your purpose, you need to grow in self-awareness.
  • To become a better human being, you need to grow in character.
  • To advance your career, you need to grow in your skills.
  • To be a better spouse or parent, you need to grow in relationships.
  • To reach your financial goals, you need to grow in your knowledge about how money works.
  • To enrich your soul, you need to grow spiritually.

In your Virtual Mastermind Group will discover how to: 

  • Develop yourself to become a more effective and fulfilled person
  • Build up your sense of purpose and become more successful in every area of your life.
  • Intentionally increase your personal growth
  • Find the motivation you need to push forward each day
  • Help others on your team or family grow in their life and abilities
  • Become a lifelong learner whose potential keep increasing and never gets “used up.”
  • Plus much, MUCH more!

Here are the details of your virtual Mastermind Group:

  • As a Mastermind Group Team Member you will receive: 
    • Ten, weekly, 90-minute LIVE hours of Personal Growth teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching in a VIRTUAL small group format.
    • A copy of John’s book–e-book format.
    • Video summary/note-taking guide (PDF)
    • Exclusive assess to a customized Internet URL
    • Exclusive downloadable access to a recording of each virtual session.
  • Your customized Internet URL will include 10 Mastermind Group Session Pages.  Each session page will include a
    • Homework assignment
    • Session Executive Summary
    • Video Teaching(s) by John Maxwell
    • Key Concept
    • Main Point
    • Key Application Question
    • Questions for Personal Reflection and Discovery
    • Conference call specifics
    • Access to your Mastermind Group Prayer Team
  • Virtual audio Session Preparations
    • Read the selected chapter in John’s book
    • Accomplish all the requirements on the Session Page
    • Be a minute or two early for the call (we start and end on time)
  • Virtual audio Session Format facilitated by Dr. Louder
    • Open with prayer
    • Discuss homework assignment from prior Session
    • Overview of current Session
    • Interactive Exercises for group discussions
    • Review
    • Close in prayer
  • Here are the LAWS you and your Team will Discover and learn to apply: 
    • The Law of Intentionality: Growth Doesn’t Just Happen
    • The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
    • The Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself.
    • The Law of Reflection: Learning to Pause Allows Growth to Catch Up with You
    • The Law of Consistency: Motivation Gets You Going–Discipline Keep you Crowning
    • The Law of Environment: Growth Thrives in Conducive surroundings
    • The Law of Design: To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies
    • The law of Pain: Good Management of Bad experiences Leads to Great Growth
    • The Law of the Ladder: Character Growth Determines the Height of Your Personal Growth
    • The Law of the Rubber Band: Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You Are and Where You Could Be
    • The Law of Trade-Offs: You Have to Give Up to Grow Up
    • The Law of Curiosity: Growth is Stimulated by Asking Why?
    • The Law of Expansion: Growth Always Increases Your Capacity
    • The Law of Contribution: Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others

As an introduction, and by special arrangement

You are invited to experience a FREE, 2-hour teaching audio call with John. In the way that only he can communicate, you will hear John teach on two of his 15 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

Only 7 seats are available for this 10-week Mastermind Study. Feel free to invite a friend or colleague to participate with you.

Come join forces and mastermind with like-minded individuals who are focused on taking results in every area of their lives to a new level. Having support, ideas, and accountability from other focused and driven people allows us to see things differently and take action toward goals in a way that’s not possible alone. I look forward to coaching you on your goals.

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