Review and a Look Forward


Well, here we are for our last “Review and Look Forward” time together–at lease our last time together for the Seminar.

As I prayed about what to say to you, it seemed to me that there really isn’t much more to say than what’s already been said. However, what’s been said is important. So here’s what we’re going to do–or rather what I’m asking you to do.

  • First, please pull out and prayerfully consider all the “irreducible minimums” you recorded for each Module. Why? Because the best and most practical “review” is for the Holy Spirit and you to look back and reconsider what He gave you as the three of us worked our way through this Seminar.
  • Watch the video below.
  • Then after you watch the video, complete your final Blog.
  • Take your final quiz.
  • After the quiz, please complete and “send” your “Seminar Evaluation and Response Form” by clicking the last item on the left side-bar under “Module 7.”
  • Also, please email me and attach a copy of your “Blog Log” and a copy of your sheet with all your “Irreducible Minimums.”
  • Please go back and make sure you entered all your Required Blogs.
  • Complete your final Blog assignment below.

My friend, it’s been an absolute honor to get to “know” you and to work with you during this Seminar. I pray you can see how God is truly leading you from Bible-based spiritual and financial information into Bible-based spiritual and financial transformation!

Now, as I write this to you, we are still working to update your follow-on Workshop. What you will see in the Video below includes a Module-by-Module outline as to what we prayerfully project the Workshop will look like. HOWEVER, I would ask you one more thing–prayerfully consider the Workshop outline then blog below anything else you would like us to consider adding to the Your Finances in Perilous Times Workshop.

Remember that this Seminar is only your first step to become fully trained in Bible-based spiritual and financial principles and applications. Recall that Jesus demonstrated the fact that you will only become fully trained when you have received, put into practice, and are passing along to others what He is giving you.

So, please join the Holy Spirit, the rest of your Academy Team and me for the Workshop so we all continue to walk together down the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way.

Every student a counselee and every counselee a coach!”

Blessings and I’ll “see” you again soon. –Bob

And please note that this is not only your last Seminar “Review and Look Forward”, it’s also you last prompt to honor your commitment to help “Donate It Forward” to the Academy Scholarship Fund.

(1) Please let us know what else you would like to see in the upcoming Workshop.(2) Also please feel free to share any final thoughts with your Seminar group.

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