Complete, No Cost, Customizable In-Church Financial Ministry

“In school they tell us we’re being equipped to earn it. Then for the rest of our lives—for about fifty or sixty hours a week—we’re busy making it. We invest countless hours in thought and discussion deciding how to deal with it. We walk around shopping malls for hours on end determining how we’re going to spend it. We’re caught up more often than we’d like to admit worrying we won’t have enough of it. We dream and scheme to figure out ways to acquire more of it.

Arguments over it are the leading cause for marital disintegration. Despair over losing it has even led to suicide. Passion for it causes much of society’s crime. The absence of it causes many of society’s nightmares. Some view it as the root of all evil, while others think of it as the means for great good.

“One thing is clear: We cannot afford to ignore the reality of the importance of money.” (Willow Creek Good Sense Ministry)

The Problem

Pastors today know they must regularly and directly address the issue of how their congregation and staff handle their personal finances.

The good news is that there is no shortage of information about money in the Bible.  More than three thousand Bible verses talk about money.  There is more about money in the Bible than heaven and hell combined.  There is more in the Bible about money than any other single subject except love.  

However, the reality is that Christians today need more than just an occasional teaching from the pulpit about money.  Christians need more than just information.  They need is ongoing help to move from financial and spiritual information into a lifestyle transformation.  They need help over time to learn, apply, and pass along Bible-based financial principles and applications.

True, there are some great financial teaching “programs” out there to help pastors help their people—Crown Financial Ministries and the Dave Ramsey organization are two of the best.  As great as these programs are, they are often inflexible and cost the church and the participantsmoney.  

What is a possible solution?

  • Your church can use and adapt the complete twelve-month “Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy” to meet the specific needs of your people.
  • Access to the Academy is available 24/7
  • There is absolutely no cost—no media, no materials, no cost what-so-ever.

In addition, if invited, our staff will volunteer our 30+ years’ experience to help the church develop a Four-Phase Academy (Ministry) implementation process

  • Phase 1: Commitment
o Gain preliminary support from the senior church leadership
o Install a Ministry Single Point of Contact
o Form a Ministry Implementation Team
o Train the Single Point of Contact and the Implementation Team
o Develop a Ministry Vision Statement
  • Phase 2: Development
o Select and train Ministry presentation Moderators/Team Leaders and Co-Leaders
o Select and train Ministry coaches
  • Phase 3: Launch
o Promote the Ministry within the church and community
o Start Ministry teaching and training
o Offer Ministry mentoring and coaching
o Evaluate results, implement improvements, relaunch
  • Expansion
o Select and train additional Moderators, Mentors, and Coaches
o Coordinate with Christian Financial Ministries to offer additional functional area Seminars and Workshops
o Look for opportunities to partner with other church ministries

Do you have questions?  Would you like more information?

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At Last! Financial Freedom God’s Way is available for you!

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