From the
Chatuge Ministry & Event Center
In Hiawassee, Georgia
and Christian Financial Ministries

We help older adults take on both the basic financial and organizational challenges of living a more stress-free life.
Incorporated as a 501-c-3 non-profit ministry, we have been helping individuals and families understand, apply, and pass on Bible-based financial principles for 30 years.

Our Daily Financial Managers help enhance the lives of seniors and others in our Lake Chatuge community. If you find it hard or lack the time you need to properly or completely manage some of your daily affairs, this service is for you.

You make the decisions, handle the money, and sign the checks. We come alongside you to advise, teach, train, mentor, and coach.

You may choose to receive confidential and trusted help either in the privacy of your home or at our Chatuge Ministry Center office. We recommend two, two-hour visits a month to start. You may choose services to meet a whole host of needs from organizing and keeping track of your medical bills and insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining your bank accounts. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with paperwork or have difficulty managing bills and balancing your checkbook then our services will bring you much needed peace of mind.

You may have various factors that contribute to the need for a personal Daily Financial Manager. For example, physical changes brought on by the aging process such as limited vision or arthritis. Perhaps your ability to do what you have always done is hindered by medical changes or a simple loss of ability to follow through on tasks. Additionally, you may need help because you no longer have your long-time financial advisor or family member or do not trust yourself to guard against fraud. On the other hand, you may need help because you are so active in your retirement that travel and social activities make it difficult to keep up with your paperwork.

It is common…

…for the adult child of older an parent or parents to seek the help of a Daily Financial Manager if the child does not feel he or she has the time or the ability to help maintain their parents’ affairs.

Your Daily Financial Manager can provide many types of services. For example, we can help you with the following:

  • Pay your bills, including making calls to creditors regarding issues or errors
  • Balance your checkbook and organize your bank records
  • Prepare bank deposits

  • Organize tax documents for tax preparers
  • Set up and maintain financial files and a budget
  • Guard against identity theft.

We can also provide you the following:

  • Notary services

  • Document shredding

  • Financial software training

  • Reminder Services (for important dates such as doctor appointments, birthdays, etc.)


  • Protect your assets

  • Protect from costly and embarrassing money mistakes and fraud

  • Help you stay in your home

  • Eliminate stress

  • Save money by avoiding late fees, penalties, and overdraft fees, etc.

  • Spend more time doing what you enjoy doing

  • Increase your focus on your big financial picture

  • Reduce paper clutter and mismanagement of important documents

  • Gain control of your personal finances

  • Be prepared for emergencies and special situations when they arise


You would expect to pay anywhere from $50-$140 per hour for Daily Money Manager Services. However, we are an IRS approved, 501-c-3 non-profit, Bible-based financial teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching ministry with over 30 years of experience, and we offer all our services for donations of any amount that you choose as part of our “Donate It Forward” program.

You receive TRUSTED services. We are proud members of the …

You receive SECURE services. Our Coaches maintain current security background checks through Global Investigative Services.


In order to take part in our “In-Home Financial & Origination Services for Seniors” program, you must attend our FREE virtual “Your Finances in Perilous Times Seminar.”

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