“Donate It Forward”

Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy

Dear friend,

Thank you for your commitment to God to learn, apply, and pass along all that He is giving you as part of the Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy.

Thank you for “Praying It Forward.”

And thank you for taking yet another opportunity to “Donate It Forward.”

Your tax-deductible donation to the Academy Scholarship Fund will help make sure we have the resources to keep providing this ministry service to anyone and everyone regardless of their ability to pay or give.

Please note: You will have the choice to continue with your Academy each time you conclude an Academy Module. You will let us know that you want to prayerfully continue by “Donating It Forward” in any amount the Lord and you decide is best–we will open up the next Academy Module for you as soon as we receive your Donate It Forward.

Thank you again on behalf of all of the folks in the United States and around the world you are helping to to be part of the Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy as they travel down the road to Financial Freedom God’s way!

Sincere blessings and prayers,