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The Academy is now on the radio with audio and transcripts posted to this web site.
Next On-Line Academy Seminar scheduled start: January 2024.

Answer: You must “Learn It, Live It, and then Lead Others To It“.

Answer: “2nd Mile Service.” Going the second mile comes from the Bible in Matthew 5:41 where Jesus says, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles”. In ministry, as it is in life, there are certain expectations that people have: be nice, work hard, be ethical, say “please” and “thank you”. Those are things we should all do because it’s “just right”. It’s the ante. It’s expected. It’s obligatory and most times a compulsion that takes very little effort. It’s the first mile. The second mile “ups the ante”. It’s the above and beyond. It’s under-promising and over-delivering. It’s prayerfully getting to know you. It’s carefully reading your Academy Application to see what you value, your dreams, and your hopes. It’s both sending personal emails and checking in with you on the phone or Skype. It’s helping you work through a financial crisis even before you get to Phase 3. It’s responding to your Blogs, Prayer Requests, and Praise Reports. It’s adding value to you by holding nothing as proprietary–giving you downloadable teaching transcripts, handouts and Power Points to use for yourself and to share with others. Going the second mile means living out the Golden Rule and putting you before yourselves in a world that is all too often about “me, me, me”. This is the “2nd Mile Service” you can expect of our entire Academy Team as the Lord, you and we prayerfully work through the Academy together.


Below are the titles and descriptions of each of the four sequential Financial Freedom God’s Way Academy Phases prayerfully designed to help you.

“Learn It, Live It, Lead Others To It”
Don’t try to take any short cuts. It’s been said that “the longest distance between two points is a short cut.“ There are no short cuts on the road to Financial Freedom God’s Way!

Special Note:
The Financial Freedom God’s Way Online Academy qualifies for up to 15 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit hours from Aidan University.

Phase 1

Discover spiritual principles and spiritual applications based on God’s Word.

Phase 2

Bible-based financial principles and practical financial applications learned during the seminar.

Phase 3

Here you will start to dive deep into your Coach Certification Program as you learn.

Phase 4

This is where you become prepared to help disciple others to prepare and disciple others! How?

Four benefits you can enjoy as part of this internet-based academy:

You may be asking, “Can I see the Biblical foundation for these four benefits? Can I see a Seminar outline, look at an actual Seminar teaching page, and watch an actual Academy video teaching Session?”

The answer is “YES” to each question…simply click the button below to gain access to our final Seminar Review and Look Forward Session. (NOTE: You will be able to watch the video but you will not be able to access the other links and downloads.)

Available online 24/7.

Visualize and personally experience Financial Freedom God’s Way. How? You will receive highly accountable, Bible-based, 100% virtual, individual and small group teaching, training, mentoring and coaching to help you discover spiritual and financial principles and practical applications that will prayerfully move you from where you are to where the Lord would have you to be–all at your own pace, 24/7, from any location.

You can choose to learn to teach, train, mentor, and coach others into Financial Freedom God’s Way. Receive all the training and tools you need to pass along to others what the Lord gives you.

You can also choose to form a Full-Time or Part-Time financial teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching ministry. We will help you build and lead either an IRS approved, 501(c)(3) non-profit OR church-based financial ministry to teach, train, mentor, and coach others into Financial Freedom God’s Way.

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At Last! Financial Freedom God’s Way is available for you!

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