Financial Freedom God’s Way
Financial Freedom God’s Way
#112 7/8-9/2023
Financial Freedom God’s Way
Financial Freedom God’s Way
#112 7/8-9/2023

Radio Seminar: Learning by Case Studies
Dave Ramsey: Buying a Car
John Maxwell: “Decisive


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Welcome to Financial Freedom God’s Way radio. This is where you will learn, apply, and pass on, Bible-based financial principles and applications so that you and your family will not only just survive, but thrive even during these very uncertain times.

Hi and welcome everyone, this is Bob Louder from Christian Financial Ministries, and it is an absolute honor to have you with us—it really is.

  • What can you expect to hear during our 30-minute time together today?
    • Do you remember how I’ve told you that this program is not casual radio—not radio that you are accustomed to hearing? Remember? What is the Lord’s agenda for these 30-minute programs each week that differ from a whole lot of other programs you may listen to? What’s the agenda here–to allow the Lord to work in your heart, and your mind, and your life, to become a better steward or manager of all that He has put into your spiritual trust account—your time, talents, abilities, skills—your family, your friends, your job, to include your checking and savings and investment accounts for sure, and a whole lot more. Today this agenda is really going to hit home for you, as you are going to receive some teaching and training like you’ve never had on the radio before. That’s going to be the Your Finances in Perilous Times Radio Seminar for today. Trust me, if you are serious about learning and applying Bible-based financial principles and applications, you are going to want to make sure you are totally tuned into today’s program to the max. Alright? That’s going to be your Radio Seminar.
    • Then, let me ask you a question: are you looking to buy either a new or a used car? Well, don’t do either until you hear what Dave Ramsey has to say today.
    • Christian pastor, leadership author, teacher, trainer, mentor and coach John Maxwell will share with you his thoughts on the word “Decision”—what’s it like to be decisive? You’ll find out today during our Minute with Maxwell.
    • And finally, if we have the time, I have a Q&A or two for you as well.

So stay tuned won’t you, you are not going to want to miss a single minute of today’s program.

Now, as we start, as we always start, please join me in prayer to make sure the Lord is the one you are going to hear from during these next 30 minutes. Father, we thank You for meeting with us again today. Will you please give us ears to hear all that it is you have planned for us to hear, to Your glory, in Jesus’ mighty name we ask, amen.


Radio Seminar

If you have ever tried to learn a new concept, you probably appreciate the fact that “knowing” is a whole lot different from “doing.” Right? You see, when you have an opportunity to “do” something with your new knowledge—when you have the chance to apply what you are learning into the real life situations of other people, what you are learning then becomes much more real to you and much more easily applicable to your own personal life situations.

Your Financial Freedom God’s Way Radio Seminar is all about discovering Bible-based spiritual and financial principles and applications. Right? Sure it is. You already know that.

However, to move from just information into life-style transformation, you must

  • First, prayerfully discover or rediscover how you as an adult best learn.
  • Plus, you must understand and begin to use an extremely practical transformation tool.

So, first, how do you as an adult, best learn? The answer is very straight forward.

For example, I am sure you have noticed by now that as an adult,

  • You learn best if you know why you need to learn. For example, you recognize your need to learn Bible-based financial skills. Why? Because you tried finances the world’s way and it didn’t work out the way you hoped and planned.
  • Now you are ready to prayerfully learn and apply what God has to say as soon as possible. Why? Because you are learning from His Word, that managing the material areas of your life His way will work out just fine.

Am I right or am I right?

Again, do these points “hit home” for you?

Assuming that they do, you need to learn about and then learn to prayerfully use an extremely valuable tool that will help you be as fully involved in your learning process as possible. A proven tool to help you practice and work with the new information you are receiving in order to prayerfully build a much more solid foundation to continue to learn and apply over time.

Case Studies: Extremely practical transformation tools

So, what is one good way for you to continue to learn and apply the Bible-based spiritual and financial principles and applications the Lord is bringing your way through His Radio Seminar? One of the best and most proven ways is to prayerfully invest some quality time into “Case Studies.” Case Studies.

As you know, it was my privilege to preach, teach, train and coach for Mr. Larry Burkett and Christian Financial Concepts for a whole lot of years. One of the ways the Lord gave Larry to help all of us grow spiritually and financially was his ability to put together and effectively teach, train, mentor and coach by using case studies.

You and I are going to continue the Case Study approach as part of your Financial Freedom God’s Way Radio Seminar. I know. I can hear you thinking something like, “Wait a minute, Bob, how in the world are we going to work through case studies on the radio?” Great question. The answer is that you will hear the case study on the radio, along with some application questions. All you need to is to listen to the radio, then you need go to our website and take a look at the transcript of today’s program which includes all of the case study information.

As we’ve said in the past, this, my friend, this is not just casual radio. This is life-changing radio. And this means that if you are serious about learning how to handle your finances in ways that are pleasing to God, you must learn to listen and work with radio as you have never listened to and worked with radio before. Remember, your teacher is the Holy Spirit. I am just the middleman. I submit to you that God is fully capable of using radio to lead you down the road to Financial Freedom His Way if—only if you choose to prayerfully and actively walk down that road with Him. If you do, I promise you under the authority of God’s Word, you will absolutely experience an exciting journey of discovery that will take you to where you’ve always wanted to go, and as a bonus, He will use you to help others take that same journey as well.

So, welcome to world of Radio Case Studies.

First of all, just exactly what is a Case Study? Here are five important facts about case studies you need to know.

  • First, Case Studies are stories–they are word pictures that are literally worth a thousand words. They present realistic situations that illustrate how you can use Bible-based spiritual and financial principles and applications in day-to-day living. Case Studies help bring personal financial symptoms and root problems to life. Plus, it’s well known that stories (Case Studies) are one of the best ways to activate your brain and help you remember what you are learning. So, first of all, think of case studies as simply word pictures that tell real life stories.
  • Second, Case Studies help you consider finances by looking from the inside out, rather from the outside in. This is to say that initially, you will find it very helpful to picture yourself helping others rather than having others help you or even you helping yourself. Before thinking about yourself and your financial issues, you will focus on the financial issues of others.
  • The third point is that Case Studies not only focus on the symptoms and root problems of others, they also demonstrate to you, how you can prayerfully deal with those same symptoms and root problems in your own life. You see, it is much more important for you to see how all that God has to say about money can be put into action in your life than it is to just hear me talk. Again, Case Studies demonstrate success–they help prove that you are able to successfully travel down your road to Financial Freedom God’s Way. They help prove to you, that you are able to actually put into practice what you are learning. They prove that His Word is practical and not theoretical. Plus, working with Case Studies will give you more credibility when the Lord gives you the opportunity to help lead others.
  • Point four is that Case Studies help you learn a lot about yourself. How? By learning more about how to apply what you are learning to help others you gain more confidence to apply what you are learning into your own life.
  • So, Case Studies
    • Are word pictures that tell real-life stories
    • They first help you apply Biblical financial principles and applications into the lives of others,
    • And as you do, you will begin to learn a lot about yourself as you see how God’s Word applies to your financial situation,
    • Finally, Case Studies help you grow to be more in touch with God, yourself, others around you, and your finances.

So, that is what case studies are, but how can you get the greatest value from Case Studies?

First, and most importantly, you need to remember that you already have enough Bible-based learning from your Radio Seminar to handle all of the questions, and all of the challenges, in all of the Case Studies you will see. But before I share with you your first Case Study…

Let me share with you some additional tips on how to approach each of your Radio Seminar Case Studies…and again, remember, all that you are hearing right now you will find written out for you on our website. So, some additional tips on how to approach each of your Radio Seminar Case Studies.

  • First is to pray as you start. Ask the Lord to give you “eyes to see” what He wants you to see.
  • Second, read the Case Study at least three times–as you do you will find your Seminar Case Studies are always going to be short and to the point.
  • Third, once you’re thoroughly familiar with the Case, ask the Lord to point out to you the relevant—the relevant facts.
  • Then, if the case includes a description of a person’s history, look for the key events, and consider how they may have impacted their current situation.
  • The fifth tip is to stick with the facts when you draw your conclusions. These include facts given in the case as well as established facts about the environmental context. Do not rely on personal opinions when you put together your responses to the Application Questions.
  • And finally, the sixth tip to getting the most from your Case Studies is to prayerfully read, consider and respond to the Application Questions–write out your responses on a separate piece of paper and keep that paper on file.

So, there you have it–the “why,” the “what,” and the “how” that serve as the foundation for all of the Case Studies you will soon see.

Now it’s time to put the “why”, the “what”, and the “how” of Case Studies to work…here’s your first Radio Seminar Case Study.

And remember, this and all of your Case Studies are formed around the spiritual and financial principles the Holy Spirit is giving you during your Radio Seminar.

Here is CASE STUDY #1—remember, just listen for now, then head over to the website.

An engaged man and woman, both Christians, are seeking some financial advice before their wedding ceremony. They want to know what the Scriptures say about their actual and planned financial situations. He is 39, she is 38. Each has a successful work history and enjoys a great income. Both intend to continue to work after they get married. They each have some investments. This soon-to-be couple want to set up an agreement before their marriage concerning their personal possessions. In this prenuptial agreement, they want to retain their individual investments and share only the appreciation of those investments after they get married. Their individual houses will also be included in this agreement.

That is your first Case Study—and by the way, this and all of your other Case Studies are based on actual financial coaching situations.

That is you Case Study, here are your Application Questions. There are ten.

  1. What seems to be their definition of wealth?
  2. What appears to be their motivation for working?
  3. How is their motivation reflected in their attitudes?
  4. Do they seem to trust God or their wealth?
  5. What seems to be the focal point of their love?
  6. How will that focal point most likely affect the unity of their relationship with others (for example their children, those with whom they work, their friendships, etc.)?
  7. Do they see themselves as stewards or owners?
  8. Are they faithfully meeting their responsibilities as stewards? Yes or No.
  9. Using money as an instrument to measure their commitment to each other, on a scale of 1 to 10 (one is low and ten is high) what grade do you give them?
  10. What seems to be the root reason for their low level of commitment to each other?

Wow, are you still with me? I sure hope so. Are you beginning to see how the Lord can use Case Studies to help move you from where you are financially to where the Lord would have you to be? I sure hope so. The only thing left for you to do is to head over to our website at, read the transcript of todays program, and actually work through this Case Study. Get it? Got it? Good.

Dave Ramsey

I think it’s fair to say that in today’s world, you probably need a car—would you agree? The question then becomes, what car? Do I buy new or used? And how can you go about it to best ensure you are getting a great car and not being ripped off financially. The answer: turn to a professional for help. Dave Ramsey is a professional. Let’s see what he has to share with you about buying a car.

I love it, don’t buy a new car unless your net worth is a Million dollars of more…Ouch. For me, and perhaps you, this means if we need a car, we are better off shopping for a used car. Why?

  • Used vehicles don’t go down in value as much over time.
  • Most used cars are just as dependable as new cars but are way cheaper.
  • Buying used will save you money on car insurance.
  • Used cars can have cheaper registration fees.
  • Buying used means you’re less likely to have manufacturer recalls or new model problems.
  • And again, nobody expects an accident—which is why you need to be insured the moment you start driving that new ride. With so many factors affecting the types of car insurance available, it’s easy to spend more money than your coverage is worth. To make the right choice, pick an expert who can answer your questions, run the numbers, and help you compare rates. I suggest you connect with one of Dave’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). An ELP is a top-notch Ramsey Trusted agent who works with insurance companies to help you find the right coverage at the right price. How, check out Dave’s website at .

Great information, thanks Dave.

John Maxwell

It’s now time for one of my favorite times with you—that means it’s time for a Minute with Maxwell where Christian leadership author, teacher, trainer, mentor and coach John Maxwell share with us some of his success thoughts. Today, well today we have a great word to learn about, so let’s see what John has to say about the word “Decisive.”

Wow, now that’s a great word—decision must lead to action. Right? What that means is that once you make a decision, you should stop worrying and start working. It’s not always what you know that make it a good decision. It is what you do to implement and execute that decision that make it a good decision.

Now, that’s a good word. Thanks John Maxwell.


Wow, that just about wraps up our time together today so let’s close in prayer.

Father God, I thank you for bringing us together today and for each of the days to come to Your glory in Jesus’ Amen.

Have a blessed day, won’t you, and we’ll see you next time for Financial Freedom God’s Way Radio.